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Paula Yorker

Paula Yorker


Paula is the proud wife of Mr. Albert T. Yorker, the mother of their Princess Sia Christine Yorker. She is an ordained minister and Executive Director of Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Foundation (www.siabrainawarenessfoundation.org).

Paula holds an Associate of Theology, Bachelors in Pastoral Leadership and a Masters of Religious Arts.  Paula and her husband Al, frequently lead one day Brain Awareness Seminars and Evangelism seminars throughout the United States and Internationally. She ministers, conduct missions trips, keynotes and speaks on evangelism, Holy spirit, prayer, discipleship, Inner Healing, family matters and Brain Awareness. She has served as Keynote speaker at the Charisma Conference, featured in Charisma Magazine and Spirit Led Woman, and Guest on Trinity Broadcast Network Television (TBN).

Founder of Yorker International Ministry School of Evangelism (www.yimsoe.com), in 2005 established an evangelism school in Johannesburg, South Africa. Paula’s desire is to conduct seminars and sound the alarm on conditions of the Brain. To encourage people to be proactive in taking preventive measures in avoiding head injuries as well as to console those that are experiencing pain and grief from the loss of a loved one due to an adverse brain condition.

Paula is the Author of “What Do You Do In The Midst Of A Suddenly”?

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