Hi, my name is Frank Perkowski. In 1977 I was diagnosed with an Astrocytoma Brain Tumor. I was experiencing severe headaches, dizzy spells and double vision. After numerous tests and eye surgery, which didn’t help at all, a neurologist informed of a new Cat-Scan which would obtain better images than the tests in the past.

The new Cat-Scan showed some abnormalities of the brain. A biopsy was done on the Astrocytoma-stem of the brain. The surgeon was unable to completely remove the tumor. A Shunt was put in place to help ventricles drain. I was due to start radiation immediately, unfortunately, life had other plans for me. Parts of the shunt were either being rejected by body or basically giving me infections, which meant more surgery. Thank you God! Shunts are now working properly.

Because of the Radiation treatments, I have no hair on sides of head by my ears. I also suffer memory loss and have problems with my equilibrium-(loss of balance). I must admit, I have come along way in 34 years.

The doctors gave me a life expectancy of approximately 5 years, probably would never father a child. This scenario could break any person, let alone a couple. 35 years later,

we are a stronger, closer, compassionate fun loving couple, with 2 healthy, happy children and 3- healthy happy grandchildren. Although the headaches are a lot better than before, we are still dealing with the side effects from all of the above.

At this stage of life, being alive to love and enjoy my family, grand kids and wonderful friends (extended family), is all one could ask for. As my wife says, we must be doing something right. Loving God, others and living life to the fullest is all that one could ask for.

God Bless!